Pinterest Launches ‘Pinterest Trends’ Beta to Showcase Rising Interests

Pinterest Launches ‘Pinterest Trends’ Beta to Showcase Rising Interests


Pinterest has announced the launch of a new tool called ‘Pinterest Trends‘ which will provide insight into the most popular search terms on the platform over the preceding 12 months, as well data on when the top searches peak throughout the year, in order to help marketers with their campaign planning.

Pinterest Trends

As explained by Pinterest:

“Over 320 million people around the world use Pinterest to get inspired – from finding meals they’re going to cook, to figuring out what to wear or how to style their homes. More than 200 billion ideas have been saved to over 4 billion boards to-date on the platform, providing insights into emerging trends and early signals into consumer behavior and evolving tastes.” 

Pinterest Trends will help marketers tap into this data. The tool is essentially like Google Trends, but Pinterest-specific, which, given the app’s eCommerce focus, could actually make it more indicative of shopping habits in each area, as opposed to more general search behavior.

Indeed, research shows that some 90% of weekly Pinners use the app to make purchase decisions, and with the platform now rising above 320 million monthly active users, the value, and relevance, of its trend data could be significant.

As of right now, Pinterest Trends is in limited beta, with Pinterest planning to make it more widely available to users in the US ‘in the coming weeks’. You can apply to Pinterest for early access, but we’ll also keep you updated on the broader toll out of the tool.




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