Google Launches its 2019 Listing of Key Search Trends

Google Launches its 2019 Listing of Key Search Trends


2019 didn’t really feel like the year for heroes. But the team from Google certainly put forward a compelling case for such in their latest video montage.

Yes, this week, Google has published its listing of key search trends for the year, which showcases what people across the world were looking for, and seeking answers to, in 2019.

Google Search Trends 2019

The listings, which can be sorted by region, and are based on the search terms that saw the highest spikes this year, as compared to 2018, provide an interesting overview of what was most relevant to people in the final year of the current decade. 

Through Google’s dedicated mini-site, you can scan through the various topics, including celebrities, TV shows, movies, general searches, and – one of the more interesting ones – questions starting with ‘What is…?’

Google search trends 2019

You can also switch to the global trends listing, which provides some interesting perspective on the major issues of the year, or you can enter your own search terms and see how they trended across 2019 (via Google Trends). 

Google Search Trends 2019

The main 2019 trend listings are more generally focused, so in terms of brand and SEO strategy, they’re probably not overly helpful. But they can still prompt some interesting consideration, and looking at the related search terms for each individual result could also help to get you thinking about your marketing approach. 

You can check out the 2019 Year in Search mini-site here.




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