Instagram’s Working on a New ‘Poses’ Mode for Stories

Instagram’s Working on a New ‘Poses’ Mode for Stories


Instagram is reportedly developing yet another Stories camera option, this time in the form of ‘Poses’ which would create stop-motion style clips out of multiple images.

Instagram is working on “Poses”, a new Story Camera mode that takes four pictures (one per three seconds) and stitch them together into a stop-motion story

This is similar to Photo Booths

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) December 11, 2019

As you can see in the above examples, shared by reverse engineering pro Jane Manchun Wong, Poses would create quick reels of different images, which could be another way to create more interesting, engaging Stories content.

It could be a good option, for example, for showcasing product shots, with different angles in quick succession. Or it might provide another tool to prompt user action by providing steps to guide them through a process, like signing up to an email newsletter. 

The option would be the latest in the ever-growing list of Instagram Stories tools. Just this week, reports have suggested that Instagram is also now testing new ‘Layouts‘ and ‘Shoutouts‘ modes for Stories content, while even more tools are still in the works, and at varying stages of development. That makes sense – Instagram wants to maintain the momentum of Stories, and cater to demand – but with even more Stories tools, there’s also a risk that such options could eventually become generic through repeated use.

That, of course, is not an immediate concern however, and right now, if you have access to these new options, they may well be worth experimenting with.

There’s no word from Instagram on any official release of any of these new tools at this stage. 




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