You Can Now Convert Your iOS Live Photos into GIFs on Twitter

You Can Now Convert Your iOS Live Photos into GIFs on Twitter


Twitter has announced a new GIF creation functionality, which converts your iOS Live Photos into looping GIFs direct from the Twitter compose window.

As you can see in the above overview video, now, when you upload an image from your iOS device, which you’ve taken with Live Photo enabled, you’ll be able to convert that photo into a GIF by simply tapping the icon on the preview.

The option to convert Live Photos to GIFs has actually existed via workaround for some time, but building it directly into the upload process could make it a much more appealing, and utilized, option among Twitter users.

It might actually lead to a whole new trend of bad Live Photos, which are already something of a gold mine for unplanned moments.

Maybe, now that they can be transformed into GIFs so easily, people will start tweeting out their classic Live Photos fails, while also taking more planned shots specific for this new purpose.

The new Twitter Live Photo/GIF functionality is available in the latest version of the app, and anywhere that you can upload an image on Twitter (Tweets, Retweets with comment, replies, DMs).




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