Snapchat Adds Swipe-Up to Call Ad Option in the Middle East

Snapchat Adds Swipe-Up to Call Ad Option in the Middle East


Snapchat has added a new option to its ‘Swipe Up’ ad tools, with ‘Swipe Up to Call‘ ads which drive direct phone calls from the ad in-app.

Snapchat Swipe Up to Call ad example

Up till now, Snapchat advertisers have been able to drive website visits, extended video views and app installs from ‘Swipe Up’ ad links. The capacity to power phone calls adds to your options – as explained by Snapchat:

Driving a user to call your business can close a purchase quickly, as your sales associates have more control over the user experience by speaking with the consumer directly. More importantly, a user calling showcases a high level of consideration and intent to purchase, which businesses can capitalize on.”

But the option’s not available to all advertisers just yet. Snapchat’s first launching ‘Swipe Up to Call’ ads to Middle East advertisers only, where, research suggests, it will be particularly popular:

This new ad product is built on the insight that consumers in the Middle East still enjoy phoning their friends and family, and similarly, they also like calling small, medium, and large businesses to learn more about their products and services, and make purchases.” 

Snapchat has no plans to release the option more widely as yet, but dependent on take-up, you’ll likely see it appear in your ad options at some stage in the new year. 

For those who have access, ‘Swipe Up to Call’ ads will be available in Ads Manager via the ‘Calls and Text’ option in ‘Advertising Goals’.

Snapchat Ads Manager

Younger users don’t especially like phone calls, with various reports showing that Millennial and Gen Z consumers prefer to connect with businesses via more impersonal means. That may not be true for the Middle East market, and it also may not be true for all users, and if you can provide a compelling reason to prompt a direct call, this may be a worthy option, while the capacity to connect over text could also help establish a more direct connection with consumers.

We’ll keep you updated on any expansion of the offering.   




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