XBox Series X design spawns savage memes

XBox Series X design spawns savage memes


The Xbox Series X has been unveiled, and the design is already getting some serious heat on social media. Specs-wise, you can’t knock it – this thing is four times more powerful than the Xbox One X – but the design of the console is something else. Microsoft has gone for a mighty, monolithic design that deviates pretty considerably from what we’re used to. See it being unveiled below.

While we’d expect kickback on any major new tech release, the memes this time are particularly brutal. Comparisons are coming in thick and fast. Is it a fridge-freezer? 

(Image credit: Original creator unknown)

An aside here: we’re not quite sure of the actual size, but we’re assuming it’s not quite this big.

I know a lot of people were making fun of the Xbox Series X design because of how different it is compared to prior consoles. But it turns out the PS5 will use a similar design as this leaked render shows. 13, 2019

Others are getting more of a Spongebob vibe.

(Image credit: @keemstar on Twitter)

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an expensive coffee table, today could be your lucky day. 

(Image credit: Original creator unknown)

Others have wondered if Microsoft got its inspiration from old-school PC towers.

Microsoft really bringing back PC Towers at the end of goddamn 2019! I’M IN THE GRAVE!!! 💀 💀 💀 #XboxSeriesX #TheGameAwards 13, 2019

Whatever you think of the design of the new Xbox Series X, we think Charleyy Hodson has probably best summed up the situation – because let’s face it, if it’s really as good as it seems, we’re all going to buy one anyway when it comes out (the release date is yet to be announced).

THE 👏 FUTURE 👏 IS 👏 NOW 👏The Xbox Series X just got revealed it’s 4x more powerful than the Xbox One X!Stand it up, or lay it down. Nothings gonna stop this chonky boi next year 🥰 13, 2019

This news also means we might be seeing some price drops on the older XBox One X. Check out the best prices in your territory below.

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