Snapchat Offers Holiday Marketing Tips for App Developers [Infographic]

Snapchat Offers Holiday Marketing Tips for App Developers [Infographic]


Here’s an interesting data point from Snapchat:

“On Christmas Day, Snapchatters in the US switch on 4x as many new phones than an average day.”

With so many people – especially younger users – getting phones for Christmas, it makes sense that those new phone users are going to be looking for apps, which means that if you have an app to pitch, now is the time to do it. 

And Snapchat says that it’s the place to reach these new phone users. Over 40% of Snapchatters download 1-5 new apps every week, so you have a whole new, captive audience, who are eager and looking for content. 

If you are considering Snap for your app ads, the platform has this week provided some additional tips.

  • Plan beyond Christmas – Snapchat says that your campaigns should ramp up now, but carry through into January to generate maximium response. As per Snap: “install volumes spike from December 25th through January, [so] your marketing strategies should include more campaigns during this time, followed by a sustained plan to nurture these new users in January after intense holiday competition subsides.”
  • Market to Gen Z – Snapchat says that Gen Z users spend 3.7 hours in apps per month on average, and see over 55% more in-app session time than older generations. If you’re looking to maximize your app promotion and performance, it’s worth considering your approach with this audience in mind.
  • Run device-targeted campaigns – Snapchat notes that with so many people being given phones as Christmas gifts, there’s a unique opportunity to market to them based on newer phone functionality and tools. “Highly engaged Snapchatters with new phones means more opportunity for app downloads and in-app monetization”.
  • Utilize impactful ad formats – Snap also advises advertisers to start with their campaigns early, in order to learn from what works, and optimize ahead of the busy period. Snapchat says that “full screen, sound on, vertical video” is the best way to go on its platform, as it drives the most impact and response.

These are some good points – if you have an app that has appeal with younger demographic groups in particular, then now is the time to push your campaigns, with a view to maximizing awareness and response for Christmas. 

The same goes for apps which work better on newer systems and devices – Christmas will see a lot of people getting new phones, and they’ll be looking for the latest apps to maximize their experience.

You can check out Snapchat’s full list of app marketing tips here, while Snapchat has also published this new infographic to showcase its key points of note.

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