Instagram Stories Can Now Include More Than One Photo via @MattGSouthern

Instagram Stories Can Now Include More Than One Photo via @MattGSouthern


Instagram is introducing a new feature that allows users to upload multiple photos in one story.

The new Layout mode lets users create Instagram stories with anywhere from 2 to 6 photos. Previously, Instagram only allowed for one photo or video per story.

Strike a pose. And another pose. And then another. 📸

With Layout, you can now capture and share multiple photos in your story — a new, creative way to express yourself. Check it out!

— Instagram (@instagram) December 17, 2019

People used to get around the previous limit by using third-party apps to create custom content for Instagram stories. That would involve arranging multiple photos together using a template, saving it as one image, and then uploading the image to Instagram.

Now, everything can be done within Instagram itself. This is sure to render some third-party photo editing apps obsolete.

In addition to combining multiple photos together in one story, users will be able to add any of the regular story effects on top of the images before posting. Other effects can include text, stickers, GIFs, filters, drawings, etc.

What About Instagram Feed Posts?

Instagram now has a built-in Layout mode for stories when it still doesn’t have one for regular feed posts. In fact, Instagram hasn’t rolled out any updates to feed posts for over a year.

Instead, Instagram has been investing its efforts in building out the stories experience, with new features being added on a regular basis.

It would be interesting to see some new data on how many people are viewing Instagram stories per day. The last reported number, dating back to January 2019, was 500 million users per day.

It’s safe to say that number has gone up by now, especially considering the resources Instagram keeps pouring into improving the capabilities of stories.

The new Layout mode for Stories is rolling out today for iOS and Android.

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