Growing Importance of WordPress Survey Plugins!

Growing Importance of WordPress Survey Plugins!


The traditional understanding of consumer behavior has been failing miserably. The reason is the dynamic trends that influence the choice of customers and hence their buying behavior. Customer surveys have so far been the most tool to gauge customer preferences. So, you got the answer to read the mind of your consumer survey forms! But is that all? To make sure your survey is a success, you MUST choose the right WordPress survey plugins and ask the right questions.

What questions to ask in your survey depends on your business requirement, but which plugins are the finest in the market are best explained here.

Best WordPress Survey Plugins Ruling the Market:

1. WP Forms

WP Forms I WordPress Survey Plugins I Wpeka blog

This survey form deserves an honorable mention. One of the most popular and widely used WordPress survey plugins, WPForms has been a special favorite of non-tech people as it offers the simple functionality of drag and drops without the use of any coding. Whether it is the user opinion, feedback, or a survey, poll, creating a form on WPForms is incredibly easy. You can add new text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons and ask users multiple questions too.

Best Features:

  • Drag and drop form builder.
  • Instant notifications.
  •  Form templates.
  •  Entry Management.
  •  100% Responsive mobile friendly.
  •  Easy to Embed.
  •  Spam Protection.


The plans start from $39 onwards and offer some exciting benefits as you go up. The Elite plan is the highest at $299.50.

2. Poll Daddy

Poll Daddy I WordPress Survey Plugins I Wpeka blog

Poll Daddy is one of the most popular WordPress survey plugins for collecting data and exporting it anywhere. It helps in creating surveys in a matter of minutes and allows you to add custom styles that perfectly match your brand. It enables the brand to do deep data analysis and get the most accurate, desired result from the surveys. Data can be exported in any format and it even connects the data to google spreadsheets and others for the convenience of usage.

Best Features:

  • Share, and embed surveys anywhere.
  • Interactive email surveys option.
  •  Complex, conditional questions with ratings, quizzes, and instant feedback options.
  • Prevention of double voting and spam.
  •  24/7 customer support.


It is free if you opt for 1 user account with limited report filtering and poll voting. The Pro version costs $17 per month for 1 user account. Unlimited poll voting and 10k email invitations per month are allowed. The corporate plan is $75 per month that allows up to 10 user accounts and 50k email invites.

3. Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master | WordPress Survey Plugins | Wpeka

From employee surveys to customer satisfaction surveys, Quiz and Survey Master can create it all. It allows you a plethora of options such as multiple choice radio buttons, checkbox responses, fill in the blank, captcha, open answer question, and more.

Best Features:

  • Unlimited pages with custom text results, depending on the way a customer answer it.
  • Email sending option to all users posts taking the survey.
  • Single or multiple page surveys.
  • Export survey results and views them on the WP dashboard option.


It comes free for the base version. Add-ons start at $10 . The starter bundle starts with $69 and the premium bundle being the highest gets charged at $99 yearly with various integrations including Slack, Aweber, Zapier and more.

 4. Survey Anyplace

Survey Anyplace | WordPress Survey Plugins | Wpeka

If you are looking for WordPress survey plugins that can help you to create quizzes, surveys and evaluation tests in a jiffy, then this plugin is the one for you. Whether it is a question bank or design using slide bars that you wish to create or the requirement is to add images to the survey, or ratings with Survey Anyplace there are ample choices to make your survey attractive.

Best Features:

  •  Ability to create incentive models for respondents, such as scratch cards.
  • Create interactive quizzes and survey mechanisms to make it engaging for respondents.
  • Availability of standard survey templates that can be further customized.


Survey Anyplace is available as both free and paid versions. The free version comes with a bundle of features and a lot of flexibility to develop your survey forms. The only constraint is a limitation of 20 responses per month. The paid version comes with few more additions in feature lists along with more responses, available at a starting price of $25 per month.

5. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms | WordPress Survey Plugins | Wpeka

One of the most popular WordPress survey plugins among the community is Gravity Forms. The forms allow you to create polls easily. However, if you want to collect and manage data, there are add-on tools for Surveys, Polls & Quiz to help you in this process.

Best Features:

  • Easily create forms using the drag and drop builder.
  • Flexibility to develop branch surveys to capture conditional responses.
  • Feature to publish survey results with the ability to control survey timelines.


This plugin comes with a tag of $239 for an Elite License package that comprises of all add-ons. An important fact is that if you are looking for a mere Survey tool, then this plugin may not be worth the investment.

 6. Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms | WordPress Survey Plugins | Wpeka

It is an extremely simple and easy to use form builder. Even with all the simplicity in appearance, it helps in creating highly interactive and creative forms. Ninja Forms are extremely flexible to use with custom functionalities which makes it helps build powerful forms.

Best Features:

  • The forms can be easily integrated into any WordPress page.
  • User-friendly to build custom functionalities.
  •  It comes with translation capabilities to help convert any language.
  • Various settings options to help tweak the form.


The premium plugin comes with three price variants. The personal package comes at an annual subscription of $99 per year. The other two packages are Professional and Agency at a price tag of $199 and $499 per annum respectively.

 7. WP-Polls

WP-Polls | WordPress Survey Plugins | Wpeka

If you don’t want to invest in setting up your polling mechanism, then WP-Polls is the perfect solution. WP-Polls is one of the-high-in-demand WordPress survey plugins, thanks to the free polling features and functionalities.

Best Features:

  • Polls can be easily customized by using templates and custom CSS.
  • It’s easy to schedule and set up schedulers on polls.
  • Keep a check on duplicate polls.
  •  A perfect option for creating simple polls.


The plugin is Free. WP-Polls is a great plugin for those looking for polling feature on the website but does not want to invest a dime.

 8. Responsive Polls


Responsive Polls | WordPress Survey Plugins | Wpeka

The plugin comes with a bundle of templates, though not unlimited, but defined to 18. However, it comes with a lot of options to customize these templates as per your requirement. You can set up multiple options for displaying results in the form of charts, graphs, and even progress reports.

Best Features:

  • Highly customizable set of templates available.
  • Intuitive options to display poll results.
  •  The right choice for creating instant surveys and polls.


This is not a very expensive plugin as compared to its functionalities and customization. You can easily procure a regular license for $16 from CodeCanyon.

9. Survey Funnel

Survey Funnel | WordPress Survey Plugins | Wpeka

One of the most preferred plugins that help in generating qualified, legitimate leads, Survey Funnel is simple and unobtrusive. It helps in engaging visitors through engaging surveys and also understands who and why the visitors are here on the website. This helps in showcasing customized offers and opt-ins to customers, thus facilitating better results.

Best Features:

  • Unlimited question surveys.
  • Conditional logic can be applied in order based questions.
  • Ideal to work across tablets, mobiles, and desktops.
  • It can be shown as multiple or single page surveys.
  • Question level data included in detailed reports.
  • A customized trigger is possible to exit or link clicks.


Unlimited access to all the survey features including unlimited questions is available at a flat price of $67 per month. It comes with a money-back guarantee.

Things to Know Before Installing Any WordPress Survey Plugin

WordPress Survey Plugins | Wpeka

Plugins help in extending the functionality of the WordPress site which often leads to developers installing many of them without giving them proper research. But too many WordPress survey plugins can take a toll on the speed of your website. Therefore, it is imperative to know certain pre-requisites before you install any plugin:

  • Don’t install too many plugins just because they’re free. Having a lot of plugins may increase your website’s page load time considerably.
  • Ensure that you check your plugin, its creator and details about the site where it is hosted. It is important to check for any flaw in the form of malicious code that may hamper your website performance.
  • Keep a check on the version of the plugins. Having an outdated one will put you in a troubleshooting zone where much of your time will be spent on maintenance of the site.


The sole purpose of having WordPress survey plugins on the website is to collect reliable and relevant data without disrupting the performance of your WordPress site. Therefore, it becomes extremely critical to ensure only the best rated and relevant survey plugins are installed. Also, make sure the plugins are regularly updated.

We tried to compile the most popular and performing survey plugins for you. If you feel we’ve left out a plugin, do let us know in the comment section, we shall surely add it on our list.


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