Instagram Provides New Age Restriction Options for Business and Creator Accounts

Instagram Provides New Age Restriction Options for Business and Creator Accounts


Following on from its recent addition of a new age-gating process for incoming users, Instagram is now also rolling out an option which will enable brand and creator accounts to set age restrictions for followers of their profiles.

Instagram age restrictions

As you can see in these examples (provided by social media expert Matt Navarra), the tools enable admins to:

“Require people to be a certain age to see your account, including your profile, posts and stories”

Businesses can also set variable age limits for different countries, which could be particularly helpful for brands that are looking to adhere to regional restrictions.

For example, in Australia, people can drink alcohol at age 18, but in the US, you need to be over 21 to consume alcohol (in most regions). Those thresholds vary again for advertising purposes, and for brands which do sell products aimed at different age groups, the option could help them avoid any such concerns, while also marketing to a more focused group.

As noted, this comes after Instagram also recently added age checks for people signing up for new accounts on the platform.

Instagram age check

The updates show that Instagram is looking to take more action on this front, and ensure that its limiting exposure of adult content to younger users.

There’s still some way to go on this, but the updates would suggest that Instagram will be making more moves in this direction in 2020. 




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