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Twitter and Facebook Announce Over 6,000 Account Removals Related to Political Manipulation

As we head into the holiday break, both Twitter and Facebook have announced a raft of new profile and Page removals as part of each platform’s ongoing investigations into co-ordinated manipulation of their networks for political influence campaigns. And the scope of these latest removals is significant – the largest action of its type yet…
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6 Tips for Writing Content Regularly

Okay, you need three to five new ideas for articles, all on the same general topic. Go… Now here’s where we separate the people who have to come up with regular content all the time from the people who don’t. The people who have things they want to write about but can never get around…
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Weekly WordPress News: Last News of the Year

Howdy WordPress friends, we’re checking in with the last bit of WordPress news in 2019. We’ll be taking the next two weeks off for the holidays, so we’ll get back to you with more WordPress news next year. This week, we got another minor WordPress release – WordPress 5.3.2. There are also some tweaks to…
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Exploring the Role of an Online Reputation Management Consultant

All of us know and understand the significance of reputation in terms of your business or brand. Today, efficient online reputation management is of pivotal importance for any business to grow and flourish. As per, the year-end is approaching soon, digital marketing seems to be flourishing, and if you are an entrepreneur you surely must…
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Snapchat Tests New Image Recognition-Triggered Ads with Popular Brand Logos

It’s taken a while, but Snapchat is now moving forward with its new ‘Snapchat Scan‘ ad option, which will enable users to ‘scan’ a brand logo in order to unlock a unique, branded AR experience. As reported by AdWeek, Coca Cola and McDonald’s will be the first brands to try out the new option –…
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Facebook Will Run its First Super Bowl Ad in 2020 as it Seeks to Reinforce its Societal Benefits

As Facebook seeks to regain public trust in the wake of various privacy scandals and related issues, The Social Network will run its first-ever Super Bowl ad in 2020, which will focus specifically on the connective benefits of Facebook Groups. The ad will be part of Facebook’s ‘More Together’ campaign, which was first launched back…
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Facebook Bans Misleading Information About How to Participate in the US Census

Facebook continues its confusing approach to content moderation with a new announcement that it will ban any misleading information about when and how to participate in the upcoming US census, as well as any false reports pertaining to the consequences of participating in the national survey. As explained by Facebook: “Next year, all US households…
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Facebook Seeks Music Video Deals to Boost Facebook Watch

Could music videos be key to the success of Facebook’s Watch video platform? That, apparently, is what Facebook is thinking – according to a report from Bloomberg, Facebook is “in the midst” of negotiating new licensing deals with Universal Music Group, Sony Music and Warner Music Group, in order to secure the rights to include music…
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Instagram Provides New Age Restriction Options for Business and Creator Accounts

Following on from its recent addition of a new age-gating process for incoming users, Instagram is now also rolling out an option which will enable brand and creator accounts to set age restrictions for followers of their profiles. As you can see in these examples (provided by social media expert Matt Navarra), the tools enable…
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Facebook Adds Holiday-Themed Features for Messenger, Along with Messenger Stories Archive

Facebook has announced a new set of holiday-themed features for Messenger, providing additional ways to engage in the spirit of the season via the app. First off, Facebook has added some new visual creation tools to add to the photos you share via message. As explained by Facebook: “This holiday season, Messenger has several filters…
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