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JavaPipe WordPress Hosting Review

There’s no shaking the fact that internet has penetrated humans’ lives like no other phenomenon. In case you’ve been trying to figure out the exact number of websites existing out there, it’s close to 1.5 billion. And, all of them necessitate a substantial WordPress hosting plan. Keeping the statistical amusement alive, the global industry of…
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Top Features of VPSrobots Pro – Is it the best VPS hosting Option for You?

Do you own a website? Are you trying to build one right now? In either of the two cases, you must have come across terms such as web hosting, dedicated hosts, and virtual private servers. If you are new to the field of web designing or building a website, learning these concepts might sound like…
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Atlantic.Net – A Reliable Web Hosting Provider For All Businesses Needs

Owning an online business calls for a myriad of responsibilities. Right from managing the website adequately for higher conversion rate, to locate such a company that would provide customized hosting solutions, everything comes with its own set of errands. Although there are innumerable companies out there, boasting about their extremely superior services and reliable experience.…
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VdoCipher – WordPress Video Plugin for Premium Online Videos

June 5, 2018 12 min read Are you a video content creator, producing premium content? Is the content paid courses or movies? Then, you might be worried that it can get pirated from your WordPress site using free downloaders, plugins. Here, we talk about Vdocipher WordPress video plugin which provides encrypted video streaming and viewer specific…
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Taking Up the Challenge: How to Build Your Own Website in 3 Steps

Hosting, Miscellaneous, Web Design, WordPress June 8, 2018 12 min read The Internet rules the world of modern business. Whatever sphere you work in, to be prosperous and successful your business should be present online. The best method to get noticed in the virtual world is to learn how to build website and launch it. This…
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Comparison of the 5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers

Hosting, WordPress September 6, 2018 6 min read Your website is the most vital brand asset and its performance can largely make or break your user experience. This leads us to the need for a good WordPress Hosting provider.  With every provider offering their best WordPress hosting plans, and endless features to choose from, it can get…
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Do You Really Want Virtual Private Server ( VPS )?

Hosting, Opinions, Tools September 20, 2018 12 min read Read about the most recent VPS (Virtual Private Server) domains available on the internet that you can get with little funds. Also, discover whether your business type allows you to use a VPS or other alternatives to boost your working space here. Do You Really Want VPS?…
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Why a VPN Should be in Your Digital Marketing Toolkit

As a digital marketing professional, the majority of your work will be done online. From launching new digital marketing and social media campaigns to monitoring PPC adverts and assessing the search rankings of your business, the internet is vital to everything you do. You would be wise to include VPN in digital marketing toolkit before launching…
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PCI vs HIPAA: A compliance comparison

Hosting, News December 13, 2018 11 min read 1 HIPAA Compliance and PCI Compliance (PCI vs HIPAA) Although they overlap in several categories, being compliant with HIPAA and with PCI are two different qualifications when you’re running a website. Assuming that you’re filling the needs of both just because you’ve had the approval of compliance with…
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Things that Professionals do when they Run Into Problems In Getting Domains Name

Acquiring a Domains Name can seem like a daunting task, especially when you consider everything that is involved in choosing an appropriate domain name and securing it. With an increasing number of hosting companies offering web hosting services, as well as the looming threat of web-based attacks, obtaining a domain and successfully maintaining it requires…
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