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10 Winning Ways to Improve Website Traffic

There’s no denying it. There is too much content on the World Wide Web nowadays. According to the Internet Live Stats, we have well over 1 billion websites. With that much competition, how will you make your website stand out? How can you make it successful? What can you post to get noticed? You need…
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How to Combat Negative Customer Feedback Online

Whether you own and operate a brochure site, an eCommerce store or a SaaS platform, either indirectly or directly you’re going to be receiving customer feedback on a daily basis. It’s whether you choose to ignore it that will set you apart from the crowd. Some of the feedback you receive will be online, others…
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Instagram Success is the Boon to Millions of Brands

Marketing, Opinions, Web Design April 30, 2018 11 min read The social media has become a great platform for many people to promote their works and businesses quickly by putting few efforts. People are using digital symbols like the hashtags in the comment section to directly link the relevant pictures to the brand to help in promoting…
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5 Ways to Grow Organic Traffic to Your Website

One of the challenges for any business organization is to ensure that when customers look for a service or product like yours, they should find you instead of a competitor. However, it is not always about expensive pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization (SEO). There are a lot of ways you can grow organic traffic to…
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6 Stages of Design Thinking Process & How To Master It.

Design Thinking is a methodology problem-solving and solution focused, which helps companies and individuals alike to get the desired outcome on internal issues, or to work forward on a future plan. Design Thinking allows the user of the system to construe a structured plan for understanding innovation and to grow more as a company. The…
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12 Best Ways To Increase Traffic To Your New Website in 2018

Just having a website is not enough, if you think so. You should design a strategy to ensure that increase traffic to your new website and also website is visited by your potential customers to boost the sales and revenues. Do you know that your website is your one of the most dedicated employees who work 24/7…
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Competitor analysis as a way to increase income on your site

Even if you think your goods or services are unique, there can be some competitors elsewhere you don’t know about. Do you want to check it, find every competitor and stay always one step ahead of them? You should want as competitor analysis is one of the most important steps in your site promotion. Carefully…
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Manage your small business from a WordPress website

It is quite distinct that you will continuously face new challenges if you do own a small business. Especially, when it comes to the operational process you will have to face the music of a set of different kinds of stuff like hiring and managing employees, assets, and payroll; automatic book-keeping and maintenance of accounting;…
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Why is video taking over the internet? : Video Marketing

Currently, Video Marketing is dominating the online world, specifically social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. And, there are indeed an array of reasons behind the ever-increasing popularity of videos. Your audience, tired and bored of monotonous texts posts, is in search of something more appealing and compelling. Matching their requirements perfectly, what else can…
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Top Things To Look When Choosing a WordPress Agency – ELEMENTARY

In the current, ever-evolving and advanced world, businesses can no longer consider digital marketing as a mere short-living trend. On the contrary, the entire concept of marketing online has proven out to be an advantageous technique not just for startups but well-established businesses as well. However, regardless of the promising results, it is essential to…
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