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MalCare vs Wordfence vs Sucuri vs iThemes Security – WordPress Security Plugins Compared

When was the last time you updated everything on your site? Overall, there have been around 53 security updates from the WordPress Developer Team. Even though major core updates are released by WordPress every 152 days on the average, not everyone updates immediately, as they should. We know that because only 39% of WordPress websites…
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Breaking the Design Hierarchy: Putting Security First

When it comes to designing a website for your business, the first thing every designer, amateur or otherwise, thinks about is how it will look. From the images and animations to the fonts, layout, and logo, the styling is often the first port of call in the design hierarchy. As we’ve shown in the past,…
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The Adjustments in The Cyber Security Space in A Fast-Paced Digital Era

The evolution in the IT world & Cyber Security has been inevitable. The growth that has Cyberattack the past couple of decades has been phenomenal. With the growth, both positive and negative effects have risen. Cybersecurity has, for instance, become a complex undertaking. The unprecedented growth in the number of devices and systems has also…
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