Digital Copywriting – writing for the web


Digital copywriting published by Brayve is constructed from reliable sources. Referencing is always quoted where applicable. Excellent quality images are provided with all web copy produced. Although we retain attribution copyright to all written work, it becomes the property of our client as soon as payment has cleared. Image copyright is not usually transferred and must therefore always be attributed to its original source.

Written copy for Web pages, ad copy for online marketing, articles, blogs and digital publications including KDP (Kindle digital Publishing) are all included in our service, while we also produce different forms of copy within the same project.

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Web Copy fit for purpose

Copy is written with a specific objective in mind. This is to promote conversion of a particular goal when marketing or promoting brand awareness. When we accept a project, our clients are asked to complete a short questionnaire. This helps to establish the desired outcome and produce work that does not require repeated revisions.

When producing digital copywriting we apply several of our content strategies. These strategies therefore enable enhanced SEO that achieves higher visibility for the web asset attributed to the copy.  Whether it be a web page, and article or an online publication.

Additional content such as video or images or both are offered which always contribute to the quality of the final outcome.

All our locations offer digital copywriting services, viz,  Cardiff, Brecon, Glasgow, Maidenhead, and Cape Town. Consequently we provide copy in UK English, US English, Afrikaans, Welsh, Danish, Hebrew and a number of Southern African languages. Please enquire if you have any questions.

Writing for the web is different to writing for print or education. Webcopy has to be written to make easy reading for the user. It also has to satisfy the rules of search engine algorithms. When we create web copy we consider the location as well as the typical customer that our clients reach out to. Complex terminology can affect search negatively. It can also help to target a specific niche market.

The style that content is written in will also determine whether the website is considered an authority. This becomes important as the site rises in search ranking.

Digital Copywriting for local SEO

Copy is written with the needs of the client in mind. Most often our clients are seeking to improve visibility.  We often find that the client needs something different to what they are asking for. This happens once we have read through their questionnaire. The reason for this is that terminology has become generalised. Also many copywriters don’t consider the location of their clients even locally.

A client in Cardiff may have very different needs to one in Glasgow or London. This is true even if they operate in the same industry. It is therefore very important to understand what the clients needs are by looking at their location. A Cardiff digital copywriting client may need their copy to be written in Welsh as well. A client in Glasgow may have a local niches that requires copy to consider the local Scots dialect.

Communicating with your copywriter Is very important, have a look here to get an idea of what they need to know.

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