E-book marketing and publication

One of the best ways to increase your authority with your audience is by publishing an e-book. An e-book will introduce your business and offers ideas and methods to use your products. This almost certainly generate sales. E-book marketing works equally well in both retail and service sectors.

E-book marketing in retail

A great way to motivate product sales in the retail environment is to offer a book that will encourage the use of the products. A knitting wool shop would thus publish e-books with a beginners guide to knitting. Additionally a series of knitting pattern books from basic for beginners to advanced would widen the audience too. In order to use the books, the reader would need to purchase some materials and so the conversion to a sale is realised. Equally the value of the e-book may be in that it is shareable. When a customer shares the book with a friend, that friend is likely to buy your products too.

E-book marketing in Service related industries

Wedding planners as well as Business to Business services can attract customers by publishing a catalogue of ideas. With some how to guidance, customers will need someone to do the complex stuff and still hire you anyway. Often this makes the relationship process easier with new customers because they will have an idea of what to expect. A builder can provide guidance on how to maintain a particular feature that he specialises in, whether its windows or fountains. Once the client has read and saved the e-book, they are going to remember you and return to your site repeatedly.




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