QR Codes for Track and Trace

Covid 19 has presented too many challenges to count. Now that your business is back up and running, you will be required to keep track of the visitors to your bricks and mortar premises.

pens, paper, more sterilising. Asking for the info and inputting it yourselves? Room for error.

How about a seamless easy to comply process?

By setting up a QR code at the entrance to your premises and/or at every payment point you can capture all the information that you need.You simply need to ask your customers to open the camera on the smartphone and capture the QR code.

How does the track and trace QR code work?

The Camera will grab the code and ask the user to tap on the screen to open a form link. Most people use their phones to submit info all the time, so by clicking on the form the info will auto fill and the vistor simply needs to tap on submit.

Its simple.

  1. Scan the code with a smartphone camera.
  2. Tap the prompt to open the form
  3. Tap on the first form field to autofill
  4. Submit

The form is submitted to a secure folder, where you can access it if you need to provide this information. It is secure and only accessible by those that require it under the GDPR rules, ensuring you meet GDPR criteris too.

You have just achieved two compliance requirements

1.Covid 19 track and trace Compliance

2. GDPR Data processing management

Brayve Digital will create the code and provide the data capture vault.

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