Ruth Richards-Hill

Ruth Richards-Hill is the team strategist and the moderator of the crazy stuff we do, She is the instigator. She comes up with quirky things that bring a unique edge to our client brands. There is nothing mundane about the video or images that leave her desk for content publishing and she is a true perfectionist which has turned her into a strategy junkie few can compete with.

“Love What you do and Do what you love.”

Thriving on just a few hours of sleep a night, she delegates major tasks, but micro manages seemingly minor detail with irritating consistency. Spelling mistakes and poor punctuation are her biggest bugbears.

All the stuff, she thinks wouldn’t interest you about her can be found on her social profiles and of course on her LinkedIn profile. Don’t forget that to really attract her attention you will need to be thinking out of the barrel rather than the box….

11 St Johns Terrace, Brecon, LD3 9EB
T +44 1874 202110

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